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Unlocking Instagram Reels in 2024: A Guide

Instagram Reels – the latest (well not really they’ve been around for a while now) craze in the social media world. an avenue where creativity meets engagement. You've probably found yourself mesmerized by the short, captivating videos flooding your feed.

But have you ever wondered who's watching your reels? Unfortunately, Instagram keeps this information under wraps for a couple of reasons – managing hundreds of viewers would be a technical nightmare, and there's the matter of privacy.

But fret not! While you may not know exactly who's watching, there are alternative ways to gauge your reel's performance. Let's dive into the methods:

1. View Count Speaks Volumes

The number of views your reel receives is a key metric to track its success. Head to your profile, tap on Reels, select the reel you want to analyze, and voila! You'll see the views, likes, and comments garnered, providing valuable insights for refining your content strategy.

2. Crafting Reels with Photos

Looking for an edge to captivate your audience? Incorporate photos into your reels! With Instagram's tools, you can weave together up to 40 photos and video clips, adding text, stickers, and audio tracks for that extra flair. But if you find the in-app editing limiting, explore alternatives like InShot or CapCut. They are pretty easy to use and will give you more capabilities.

3. Schedule for Success

Consistency is key on social media. With Instagram's scheduling tool, you can plan your reels up to 75 days in advance, ensuring a steady stream of content without the stress of daily uploads. You can always use a Google spreadsheet as well, because unfortunately sometimes Instagram’s scheduling tool does not work properly..

4. Embrace Inspiration from Saved Reels

Stuck in a creative rut? Browse through saved Instagram reels for inspiration (try not to stay on for hours). Simply head to your profile, tap on Menu, then Saved, and immerse yourself in a world of captivating content.

Bonus Tips for Reels Mastery

Content Creation: Grab attention early, keep it short and impactful, find your niche, ride the trend wave, tell a compelling story, and leverage live sessions for interactive engagement.

Technical Aspects: Opt for vertical videos, ensure good lighting and sound quality, and invest in basic equipment for professional-grade content.

Growth Strategies: Promote your reels across different platforms, collaborate with fellow creators, engage with your audience, analyze performance data, and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Final Thoughts

Instagram reels aren't just a passing trend – they're here to stay. Whether you're a brand seeking to boost engagement or an influencer striving for reach, mastering the art of reel creation is essential. And with tools like Lift: Reels & Story Maker, the journey to reel stardom becomes even more accessible. So, unleash your creativity, experiment with different formats, and above all, have fun expressing yourself on this dynamic platform!

In the long run, you also need a strategy to develop reels that will attract your ideal audience! Reels are only one piece of the puzzle. Get our strategy sheet today!


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