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Time is Free, But It's Priceless

We’re straying away from the usual social media advice to talk about something very important to me and one of the main reasons I started my business.

The Old Times

Here I was stuck in an 8-5 job in Atlanta, GA, where it takes 30 minutes to get practically anywhere. Waking up at 6:30 AM every morning, getting home at 6 PM, spending practically all of my waking hours 5 days per week going to a job I wasn’t getting much fulfillment out of.

And on top of that, I was doing extra work- social media management, so I could go on vacation or buy things that I wanted, since my full time job only covered necessities.

I started to realize quickly just how priceless my time was with only a limited amount in each day and reaching that limit quickly.

The Realization About Time

I continued doing social media management, and quickly found it was a passion of mine to create beautiful aesthetics, captivate people’s attention with eye grabbing captions, and do all the research to ensure an account’s success.

Another thing I found, I was saving other people a ton of time by managing their social media. So, that was another plus, because it was something I truly wanted more of.

I was able to give people their time back, so they could focus on the reason they started their business. And not spend all day learning how to create a reel, what caption would engage their target audience, and how to use Canva. Obviously there’s way more to managing a social media account, but you get the point.

Present Day Time

Fast forward, three years later, I get to save people time every day. It brings me such joy to know that people can focus on their zone of genius and leave social media to my team, since this is our expertise.

Your time is precious, treat it as such. Not just with social media, but really anything, if your time would be better spent elsewhere than DO THAT. Sometimes this can be hard at first, but I promise, you’ll end up thanking yourself down the line. And you will reap the benefits in so many ways.

Do you want to save some time on social media?

Here's 20 Content Ideas to get you started in that department! Start valuing your time and how it is spent.


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