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How to Create Reels or TikToks to Attract Your Target Audience on Social Media

Content has ALWAYS been king on social media, but a new type of content has really taken the crown- VIDEO CONTENT. Video Content has become HUGE in recent years with the rise of platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and now Facebook Reels. You can post video content on just about any social media platform these days, and for good reason.

So why are all the platforms favoring video content?

All of the social media platforms DEFINITELY have one thing in common, whether that be Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Their goal is to keep you on their platform for as long as possible! Video content has added a whole new dimension to keeping you on their platforms, since it provides another level of engagement and authentic human interaction.

Social Media is all about building authentic human connection

So now, how do you make video content that is sure to reach and resonate with your target audience? The most important aspect is ensuring that you add value to them. You must decide the purpose of your reel, TikTok, or video- whether that be inspiring them, educating them, starting a conversation with them, or simply connecting to them on a human level.

Always be Authentic on Social Media

Authenticity is super important as well, vlogs (video blogs) of people’s daily routines are ALL OVER INSTAGRAM & TIKTOK, mainly because people love seeing what others are doing. These types of videos take almost no effort besides propping your phone up on something while you’re going about your day to day routine.

If your single goal is to go viral, then you will lose authenticity in your posts. Create a goal for your video- inspire, educate, converse, connect, or promote, then find a way to be authentically you and on brand, while conveying this message in an entertaining way.


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