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How We Reached 1 Million Accounts On Instagram For Our Client In Just 90 Days

Instagram reach seems absolutely IMPOSSIBLE these days, but it doesn't have to be.

So, let me walk you through a case study where we ABSOLUTELY transformed a client's reach on the platform.

Our Mission-Driven Client's Challenge

Just like many businesses, our client was having a challenging time reaching new accounts on Instagram at this time.

They are a mission-driven, non-profit business, who was trying to raise donations for their cause, educate individuals about their mission, and promote brand awareness.

We were posting Monday-Friday (5 posts per week), with half of these posts being static posts (posts and carousels) and half being reels. The reach at this time was very low.

Our Client's Social Media Goals

The goal was for us to increase their organic reach by at least 25% in order to raise awareness for their mission, raise donations, and educate individuals about their mission.

Their mission being to house domestic violence survivors pets, while their owners are in housing transition.

They do NOT run any paid ads on Facebook or Instagram, so this goal was expected to be reached through organic traffic.

How We Helped Them Achieve Their Instagram Goal

We helped them achieve their goal and MORE by posting reels everyday as a part of their strategy.

In order to maximize their exposure on Instagram, we tweaked their content strategy as well:

- We used storytelling more in reels. Their mission is so powerful, so we wanted to evoke emotion out of their audience. We wanted people to feel for these survivors going through hardships and understand their struggles.

- We used original audio reels of the founder talking about the mission in order to spread awareness.

- And another main content pillar we used was education, which included different statistics, safety planning, and fostering a deeper understanding around this specific struggle.

One thing we kept top of mind when creating all of their reels was creating SHAREABLE content.

Key Takeaways For YOUR Instagram

We were able to not only help our client's lack of Instagram reach, but also help them reach over 1 million accounts! This helped not only their social media, but helped them raise over $50,000 for their cause in just 3 short months.

By tweaking the content strategy and posting reels every day, we were able to increase their reach by 252% with only organic posts.

In the process, we also gained 19,000 followers. The account now has 21.1K followers, and now at least 21,000 people are educated on the barriers domestic violence survivors with pets face.

This shows that posting reels everyday helps to reach more accounts than static posts, and ultimately convert more followers.

We've Packed All The Reels Information Up For YOU

If you want to learn more about how you can get similar reach like this, get our FREE reels guide below

Benefits Of Hiring Us For Social Media Management

Of course, we can't promise results like this for all of our clients, but trust me it won't be for lack of trying.

When working with any mission-driven business, we create a strategy that will act as a road map for your business's journey on social media. This road map will be a guide for how we WILL achieve your goals.

As a client, your goals are top priority, and when working with us your goals become our goals.

For next steps on how to work with us, click the link below:


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