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How often should you be posting on Instagram?

This can be a daunting question for anyone in the Instagram world, and many experts have different opinions to offer.

Consistency Is Key

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before, well it’s no different on Instagram. It really is key.

Being consistent on Instagram is a huge factor, but consistency does not have to mean everyday.

It means picking a particular number that is manageable and sticking to it, whether that be posting 5 times each week or 2.

Instagram's Expert Advice

In 2021, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, suggested a number of posts each week for users trying to grow- “a couple feed posts a week, and a couple stories a day.”

Although this advice is pretty vague, it is helpful in some ways.

Key Takeaways: Make sure you are posting to your feed at least twice per week. And make sure you are active on your stories.

Stories are a way of building your community. Reels and static posts bring your followers to you. But stories tend to keep your audience engaged with your content, so make sure they are included in your content strategy. They are also a huge part of building a community and connecting with your audience.

Quality Over Quantity

Try to remember this when creating content, quality is very important. This does not mean that you need to spend hours and hours curating the perfect post.

Just remember to add value to your audience, whether that is inspiring them, educating them, connecting with them, or starting a conversation with them.

Make sure when posting you have a purpose, giving your audience something of value with each post.

So Really How Often Should I Be Posting?

The most important thing is to realistically ask yourself “How often each week can I create valuable content?”

If this is only twice per week, that is totally fine.

Accounts do tend to grow faster the more often you post, but you must be realistic about it and stay CONSISTENT.

The Instagram algorithm will potentially penalize you if you're inconsistent, so try not to post 5 times one week, then 0 the next.

Don't Stress About It Too Much

Try to create content when you’re feeling inspired and not because you feel like you have too.

If you are feeling very inspired one day, it may be a good idea to create 5-10 reels, so you won’t have to agonize about it the next time you need a post but aren’t in the mood.


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