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Amazing Content Pillars to Follow to Grow on Instagram

Managing and creating content to post on social media can be time consuming and downright stressful - especially considering your jam-packed-to-do list and EVERYTHING else in life.

So we would like to help ease that stress a little bit by giving you some content pillars to follow for creating content on social media.

These pillars should be used differently depending on your business, but strictly promotional content should only be used about 20% of the time. Promotional content is strictly about promoting your offerings, and people will not grow to trust you if that is all your motive is.

#1 Educational Content: Use this form of content to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Positioning yourself as an expert is important, because then people are more likely to trust you and want to work with you.

Make sure you are educating them on something related to your niche, for example if you’re a social media manager: “How to Create a Social Media Strategy”.

Show your audience the EXPERT you TRULY ARE!

#2 Conversational Content: Use this form of content to engage with your audience and have them engage with you.

Conversational content opens up a discussion around your niche. More importantly, it opens the field for people to engage with your content.

When people engage with your content, the Instagram Algorithm makes it more likely for them to see your content AGAIN and AGAIN.

Conversational content can easily be used in your stories on Instagram, for example creating a poll on your story or asking a question in your call to action.

#3 Inspirational Content: Use this form of content to allow your audience to understand how your service or product makes them feel.

This allows them to envision the sort of transformation they will feel and have after using your product or having your service.

Transformations are what people purchase, think of herbal tea. They are selling that you will feel relaxed, energized, and in touch with yourself, which SOUNDS GREAT! They are selling the transformation that their product will give you.

#4 Connection-Based Content: Use this form of content to humanize yourself to your audience.

It’s pretty self explanatory here, form a connection with your audience and allow them to relate to you.

This can easily be done through telling your story, how did you get where you are? Or what inspired you to create your business? Or what do you love about your business? The list goes on and on.

Another key way to allow your audience to relate to you is by showing them little pieces of your life. If you get a new desk chair, SHOW THEM on your story. If you find a new journal you love, SHOW THEM!

#5 Promotional Content: Use this content to promote your offerings, products, or services.

Promotional content is used to showcase what you offer to your audience.

You can do this in a nonchalant way and don’t need to say “BUY THIS FROM ME”. Tell them what you offer and put a CTA in the caption “DM me for more information” or “Click the link in my bio to learn more”

Client testimonials are another great way to promote your product or service. If someone wrote a great review, SHARE IT!

Download our Content Pillars and over 20 Specific Content Ideas to Create the Social Media Account of Your Dreams


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