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5 Hacks for a BOMB Social Media Strategy

Social media can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to using a strategy. After all most of us, as businesses, aren’t just posting on social media for fun, we’re posting for brand awareness, to build a community, reach our target audience, and ultimately generate more revenue!

We have created many strategies for clients that are proven TO WORK! So we wanted to give a few quick tips regarding your social media strategy for efficiency and efficacy.

1. Pick Content Pillars to Guide Your Content

Content pillars are topics you have chosen to talk about consistently. We recommend using 5 main ones: educational, conversational, connection-based, inspirational, and promotional. Depending on your business model, the ratio of how you use these may be different.

And DO NOT make every post promotional! If you do this your content will not come off as authentic, and this is a MUST on social media. And most importantly, make sure you add value with each post!

2. Track Data & Analytics

Tracking your insights on social media is very important, because it shows you what your audience is resonating with and would like to see more of.

You can track your page analytics and how individual posts are performing as well. This is VERY important, especially in the beginning as you are figuring out what you should be posting more of.

We recommend tracking your analytics weekly, so you can do a deep dive on each post. If this is not manageable, biweekly works also.

3. What to Post

This goes along with analytics, but in the beginning test different types of posts. These could include, but are not limited to: Twitter reels, original audio reels, trending audio reels, educational carousels, quotes, memes, and the list goes on and on.

You want to make sure your posts align with your brand values, but besides that make sure your page has some diversity.

Once you have found what is working best for you, plan to post more of that type of content. For example if trending audio reels are performing best, schedule the most of those for your content calendar. And that brings us to hack four.

4. Schedule Content in Advance

You don’t need a fancy scheduling application, although this works, you can plan your content in Google Docs as well. Scheduling content in advance allows you to plan ahead, and not have to worry about making a new post every day or every other day.

Some content is better in real time, like stories, but mostly everything else you can schedule in advance. We highly recommend this tactic to make sure you’re not rushing content or posting just because you need to.

Pick a day you are feeling inspired and sit down to batch content which brings us to the next tip.

5. Batch Create Your Content

Batching content is basically spending a few hours creating content for multiple weeks. This may look like recording 10 reels or spending a few hours in Canva making carousels and posts.

Whatever you decide is the best kind of content for you to create, pick a time to create and DO IT!

If you use this strategy you may only have to create content once per month, rather than spending an hour every other day. It definitely saves time in the long run.

We’ve found it’s helpful to plan at least 2 weeks in advance, and for most businesses you can plan a month in advance.

Do you want to know more about how to create a GREAT strategy?

These are 5 Tips to get you started for a social media strategy, if you’re interested in learning more about how to create an AMAZING social media strategy download the FREE strategy sheet below.

It includes Insights to track, how to do competitor research, how to define your target audience, engagement strategies, and hashtag research.


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