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Social media can be powerful, but you need to know how to use it!


Join the Instagram Empowerment Academy today, and let me guide you on your social media journey with effortless content planning. You'll be able to save time with creating content, captivate your target audience, elevate brand awareness, and most importantly MAKE MORE SALES!

Are you a personal brand or business owner ready to simplify Instagram, stop the endless scroll, gain a larger audience, and generate more revenue from social media?

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Content Creation

Are you currently struggling with creating content in a timely manner? And you're left constantly scrolling through IG trying to find the next thing to post.


Leads & Sales

Do you want to grow your audience and following, so that you can generate more leads? Ultimately, leading to more conversions and sales!


Expert Advice

Do you want expert advice and coaching, but don't want to give over full control of your social media? And maybe don't want to pay the price...


I'm ready to join the Instagram Empowerment Academy! 


What is included in this membership?

Create content effortlessly


Initial 1 on 1 Consultation Call

We will not only have a consultation call to see where you are at in your social media journey, where you're struggling, and where you can grow. I will also do a full audit of your account to help you optimize right off the bat. 


Monthly Content Plan to Follow

I will send you 20+ content ideas every month with a hook, how to film, what you need to film, etc. This makes content creation effortless and stops the scroll. It will speed up this process so you have time for other things. 


2 Group Calls Monthly

We will have one marketing workshop monthly and 1 hot seat coaching call. All the members of the group will have past calls and recordings when they miss calls. 



Exclusive Slack Group

Trending Audios & Content Prompts

You will have access to ask me any social media questions via an exclusive Slack channel. This gives you the one on one feel without paying the one on one price. 

Weekly trending audios to make sure we're on trend with a library. I will also give you prompts or ways to use these trending audios. 


1 on 1 Support, Without the 1 on 1 Price

You will have support in all areas of your social media journey, but you won't have to pay the premium price. All while freeing up your time to do the things in your business you love. 

Create content effortlessly with 1 on 1 support without the 1 on 1 price


Instagram Empowerment Academy


  • Monthly Content Plan with over 20 content ideas, hooks, and prompts

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls Monthly (1 workshop and 1 hot seat coaching call)

  • Exclusive Slack Group to ask any of your questions in

  • Trending Audios with prompts for how to use them

Instagram Empowerment Academy

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Signs the Instagram Empowerment Academy is for you:

  • You're a solopreneur who knows their target audience, but doesn't want to spend endless hours scrolling on social media

  • You have social media goals, but aren't crushing them like you want too

  • You want to love creating content again, and have an effortless process

  • You like managing your own social media, but need someone to refer to for questions

Join the Instagram Empowerment Academy for ONLY $149/month

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